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"(29) years of Investigative Experience"

As the owner and operator of a full-service private investigation company, I am proud to provide attorneys with first class investigative services in the pursuit of justice for their clients. As an experienced legal investigator, I will successfully assist my clients in obtaining crucial evidence during jury misconduct proceedings, asset investigations, case reviews, as well as skip tracing for missing persons

With (29) years of investigative experience under my belt, I have honed my techniques and developed groundbreaking tactics that allow me to provide accurate information for each case, ensuring my clients achieve successful outcomes. My ability to communicate with attorneys in both written and oral formats gives them a thorough understanding of my investigations.

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"Full Service Private Investigative Agency"

I provide personalized and professional investigative services to all my clients, obtaining and providing the highest quality evidence in support of their cases. I possess not only strong interviewing skills, essential during legal investigations, but also exceptional management expertise of large caseloads. Additionally, my ability to work both autonomously and in a team-setting allows me to efficiently coordinate with other investigators factoring in different perspectives creating a completer and more complex picture of the investigation. I conduct in-depth investigations obtaining detailed and precise information, crucial in legal cases. 

Furthermore, my ethical commitment ensures that all evidence is examined and obtained legally according to state guidelines.I have an extraordinary passion to bring justice to the forefront and will dedicate whatever it takes to be the premier provider of legal investigative services. Through my commitment to this goal, I will continue to bestow attorneys with up-to-date techniques and tools for triumphant investigations. Your success is my success; together, we can bring justice and truth into the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

A private investigator can delve deeper into the incident, find, overlook details, and locate witnesses. That law-enforcement may have missed. Private investigators are trying to take the time to understand the charges associated with a specific crime when a lawyer uses them in a criminal defense investigation.